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What is tooth extraction…

and why shouldn’t you delay it when needed?

Does it scare you even to hear tooth extraction? Tooth extraction or tooth pulling is the complete removal of an unsalvageable tooth. When the circumstances arise, Dr. Pogodzinski or Dr. Blanco will recommend extracting your tooth or teeth after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of available treatment options. Indeed, no luxury tooth replacement option can feel like your natural teeth. However, it’s important to remove the teeth when necessary.

When do you need a tooth extraction?

The need for tooth removal depends on the individual problem. However, here are some occasions where tooth extraction may be needed.

  • When the tooth is severely broken and unrestorable

The grossly decayed or broken teeth cannot be restored with simple treatment methods. Instead, you may have to choose advanced treatment options like dental crowns after root canal treatment. When the affected tooth is not worth such treatment options, maybe as it is a back tooth that doesn’t affect your appearance or functions you may choose the extraction over expensive and time-consuming treatment options.

  • If the tooth is severely loose

When you have severe gum disease, some teeth become severely loose and Dr. Pogodzinski or Dr. Blanco cannot improve the bone support with conventional periodontal treatment. In such situations, it will be better to extract the tooth and go to a tooth replacement option like implant-supported crowns and dentures.

  • After a failed root canal

Root canal treatment is one of the best available alternatives for tooth extraction. However, if a root canal fails the next best thing would be the removal of the tooth.

  • Extra teeth occupying the spaces

Sometimes we have extra teeth such as wisdom teeth. They often tend to emerge in the mouth away from the natural arch leading to crowding. Severe crowding may affect the aesthetics and also hinder the functions sometimes. A crowded dental arch makes it difficult to keep good dental hygiene because the toothbrush can’t access and clean the teeth properly. If so, All Kind Smiles may recommend removing them before they become a burden to the mouth.


  • As a part of orthodontic treatment

Orthodontists will thoroughly analyze and diagnose what your issues are first to decide what treatments are required and some orthodontic treatments may need a tooth extraction to gain adequate space to align the dental arch in the best perfect way.


Why shouldn’t you delay tooth extraction when needed?

Dr. Pogodzinski or Dr. Blanco may recommends tooth extraction after careful evaluation of all the available treatment options. If you delay the removal of teeth the harmful bacteria in the mouth can spread further and make things severe.

You may develop,

  • Pain
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Pus-filled lumps or abscesses in relation to the affected teeth
  • Difficulty in eating, speaking and sometimes even opening the mouth

Thus, the delay in extraction will reduce the quality of your life.

When bacteria escape into the bloodstream they may get disseminated through the circulation and enter the vital organs leading to life-threatening conditions like infective endocarditis, an infection in the heart.  Not only that, but the infectious bacteria can also increase the severity of existing,

  • dental conditions like caries and gum disease
  • systemic diseases like diabetes

So, it’s essential to extract troublesome teeth when needed. If you feel you may be in need of a tooth extraction give us a call at 414-475-0588 right away so we can get you scheduled for an evaluation.