Fakler Dentistry is now All Kind Smiles located at 7020 W National Ave Suite 100 West Allis WI 53214-3238

Don't worry,
We've got you covered.

Check out the list below to see what plans are currently accepted at All Kind Smiles. If you don’t find your plan on here, don’t worry, we are always updating and adding. Just give us a call at 414-475-0588 if you’re interested and we’ll figure it out!

Check out the list below to see what plans are currently accepted at All Kind Smiles.


Aetna Advantage™ Dental

Aetna HealthFund/Aetna DentalFund with PPO II Network

Aetna Individual Advantage(SM) Dental PPO

Costco Premium PPO


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Dental Blue 100 (Wisconsin)

Dental Blue 100/200/300 (Wisconsin)

Dental Blue 200 (Wisconsin)

Dental Blue 300 (Wisconsin)

Dental PPO

Liberty Dental (Wisconsin)

National Account Dental (Wisconsin)




CIGNAPlus Savings℠


Delta Dental

Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier

Delta Dental Premier



Basic Plan



Individual Membership



CONNECTION Dental Network



Dental PPO

DentalGuard Alliance

DentalGuard Alliance / DentalGuard Preferred

DentalGuard Preferred Select

PPO: DentalGuard Preferred

PPO: DentalGuard Preferred/Premier



PPO/Traditional Preferred


Lincoln Financial Group

DentalConnect (PPO)



We cover several MetLife plans,  contact us to learn more.



Dental PPO

Dental Premier

Dental Value

National Options PPO 20

National Options PPO 30

PPO National Network

At this time we unfortunately do not accept State Insurance or Badger Care.

We do however, offer our own Dental Health Savings Club to help cover your dental costs. It works similar to an insurance plan but with more benefits and less of the headaches like waiting periods, deductibles and maximum limits. To learn more click here.