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When you are missing one or more teeth, you now have a number of tooth replacement choices to choose from. Although traditional dentures are still the most common solution, there are currently treatments that are more pleasant and durable. You may be a candidate for implant supported or implant retained dentures if you are looking for a long-lasting tooth replacement solution or better-fitting braces.

Modern dentures have been altered by the insertion of dental implants, giving customers a more permanent, tailored choice for tooth replacement. Dr. Pogodzinski and Dr. Blanco, of All Kind Smiles, are family dentists that provide innovative implant-based dentures to clients in West Allis and the surrounding areas. Missing teeth might result in several health problems, so consider your options below.

Implanting Supported Dentures

implant supported dentures depend on dental implants to support the denture and maintain it in place over the jaw. The implants secure the denture in place, preventing it from shifting around or creating discomfort. Because the implants are connected to the jaw and gums, they absorb most of the impact when chewing, preserving the jawbone’s strength and health.

Because these dentures rely on implants, a healthy jawbone is required; otherwise, the implants will not be supported. Additional surgery may be required if the jaw cannot support the implants.

The Advantages

Implant-supported dentures are the most natural-looking prosthetic and do not interfere with normal oral functions. They have increased in favor since they restore normalcy to your smile and are made to look natural. They also provide several health benefits, including:

  • Improves chewing and biting strength – A weakening bite is frequent among edentulous patients. Dentures that are supported by implants have the same chewing capacity and function as natural teeth.
  • Protects bones from deterioration – When a tooth is lost, the jaw usually retreats, and the tissue weakens. Implants protect the jaw while preserving the impression of a tooth.
  • No pain or irritation – Hybrid dentures do not cause inflammation or swelling since they are attached to the implants rather than the gum tissue. The implants keep the dentures from sliding about and causing irritation to the gums.
  • Makes cleaning easier – The implants can be cleaned like natural teeth because they are constructed of porcelain or ceramic. Your daily cleaning practices will not be changed despite the need for regular dental checkups.

Implant Retained Dentures

Because not everyone is a good fit for implant-supported dentures, All Kind Smiles also offers implant-retained dentures. These dentures require fewer implants and resemble traditional dentures more closely. The implants in implant retained dentures are used to secure the removable prosthetic denture to the implants.

These are frequently recommended for patients who have weaker jawbones so that the implants can be put where the bone is still strong. They are simple to take out and do not require any bone grafts or surgery.

The Advantages

Implant retained dentures are less invasive since they are fitted with tiny implants. They can be fitted with as little as four implants and still bear more force than a regular denture. Other advantages include:

  • Treatment is cost-effective – Costs are lower when there are fewer implants. Bone grafts or other costly surgeries are not required, making it a more cost-effective option.
  • Simpler modification – Because the denture can be removed or altered, it can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit and to accommodate any wear and tear.
  • Easily placed on weaker jawbones – Healthy bone structure is not required because the dentures sit on the gums rather than the jaw. The implants can be implanted without additional support in locations where the jaw has not deteriorated.

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