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Is it possible to stop your kid from needing braces?

When I was a teenager, it seemed like everyone smiled with a gleam. The traditional orthodontic treatment method for straightening teeth and improving bites was metal braces. Invisalign, a type of orthodontic dental care that swiftly and effectively straightens teeth in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional metal braces, is now available thanks to recent technological advancements.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if orthodontic treatment wasn’t required?

Preventative dentistry is the best type of dentistry.

Did you know that setting up a successful dental care regimen early on depends on being dedicated and thorough? Early dental treatment for minor problems like tongue knots helps to promote improved orthodontic alignment and a straighter smile. This can dramatically lower the likelihood that your child will require Invisalign or braces. Also, fixing minor dental problems is less expensive than waiting for them to become bigger, more complicated problems!

Orthodontics When Your Child Needs Them

Your toddler or teen may still require orthodontic dental care even with preventive dentistry. This doesn’t mean that you, your child, or your dentist failed in any way.

By the time your children are seven, and their adult teeth start to erupt, you should bring them in for an orthodontic evaluation. However, do not become alarmed—this does not imply that they will require orthodontic treatment at this time!

Early intervention, however, has proved to pave the path for successful straightening and is also significantly more cost-effective.

A straight smile is advantageous in a variety of ways.

A straighter smile offers numerous health advantages in addition to being an aesthetic dentistry accomplishment.

  • When teeth are easier to maintain, the risks of gum disease or tooth decay are reduced.
  • Reduces the likelihood of acquiring speech impairments like a lisp
  • Lowers the likelihood of dental injuries like a chipped tooth
  • Promotes healthy self-confidence and a smile that looks good

Your child’s speaking, sleeping, and eating habits can all be improved with orthodontic care, which may also help to prevent future dental procedures.

What is Invisalign?

Using a series of transparent, removable trays, Invisalign is a discrete and relaxing orthodontic procedure that gradually straightens the smile.

Your dentist can make precise modifications to your smile over time to give you the smile you want using advanced computer software to custom design and manufacture your ideal aligners.

Why a lot of people prefer Invisalign to metal braces

Although conventional braces are very effective, some patients prefer Invisalign’s nearly invisible straightening ability.

Invisalign is almost undetectable, and it also:

  • Simple removal for cleaning and eating
  • Simplifies the household hygiene routine
  • Enables you to keep track of the development of your teeth
  • Is comfortable and uses smooth aligners instead of metal wires, which can irritate and poke the cheeks and gums.
  • Shorter time than metal braces to correct teeth

Who ought to use Invisalign?

Invisalign is ideal for people of all ages and professions, including future brides and professionals.

Minor flaws including crooked teeth, uneven spacing or crowding, and gaps between teeth can all be improved with it.

Dental Orthodontics in West Allis

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