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Cavity Myths and Facts

Have you ever experienced a cavity? When it occurred, were you a child, an adult, or both?

From the time our first teeth appear as babies until we are much older and have our own children and grandchildren, we are all susceptible to cavities! So what we know about cavities can be outdated or even wrong. A few cavities-related myths are lurking behind your smile!

Myth or Fact? Only sugar causes cavities.

Fact: The mix of acid and germs that assault your teeth causes cavities to form. Cavities are undoubtedly caused by dessert, drink, and candy, but foods high in carbs, including as potatoes, rice, pasta, and breads, also encourage the growth of bacteria that damage enamel.

When sugar is left on your teeth for a while, it causes plaque to break down into acid, which eventually chews a hole through your tooth.Minimize your intake of sugars and carbohydrates, and if you do occasionally indulge, be sure to clean your teeth right away or to drink water to flush out bacteria.

Myth or Fact? All cavities hurt. 

Myth: When you get pain from a cavity, the decay has already gotten to the nerve. Although minor tooth decay doesn’t hurt, it generally doesn’t show any signs.

The more tooth decay worsens over time (even on your pocketbook if you don’t take care of it! ), small tooth problems that go untreated get bigger, more difficult, and more expensive to fix. Go, go, go to your scheduled dental cleanings and keep them!

Your dentist will get rid of any extra bacteria that your toothbrush and floss are unable to get rid of on their own that adds to tooth decay and cavities.

Myth or Fact? Babies who are starting to grow teeth cannot get cavities. 

Myth: Again, we are all vulnerable to cavities! Enamel is enamel at any age, and must be protected. Children who consume sugary drinks (like milk in their bottle at bedtime) and foods, or who are not exposed to enough fluoride, are at risk for developing cavities. Make sure to restrict your child’s access to sugary foods and drinks, and encourage good dental hygiene at home.

Myth or Fact? Fillings needs to be replaced at least once in the course of your lifetime. 

Fact: Much like our teeth, all fillings have a lifespan that depends on how well we take care of them. The period will be shortened by excessive wear and tear, such as using our teeth as tools to open packages, or poor dental hygiene, such as consuming sugary foods and neglecting flossing and professional cleanings.

The good news is that once a cavity has been filled, the deterioration will be eliminated and remain eliminated.

Myth or Fact: Sensitive Teeth Show Symptoms Cavities 

Fact: All sensitive teeth may indicate is that you have them. However, your gums may be receding and exposing your tooth roots, which would increase your sensitivity to cold. You can potentially require a root canal or have a broken tooth.

Although tooth decay is one cause of sensitive teeth, it is not the only one. Whatever the ultimate cause, you should visit All Kind Smiles as soon as you have any pain.