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Dental Crowns

A dental crown may be recommended to restore your smile if you have recently undergone a root canal or need to replace one or more lost teeth. Dental crowns are made of a tough, tooth-colored porcelain that fit over the tooth’s surface to act as a protective barrier when a dental filling is not enough. They can also be used to hold a dental implant, a denture, or a bridge in place. Regardless of your dental needs, Dr. Pogodzinski and Dr. Blanco welcomes new and returning patients to learn about their treatment options if their dental health has changed. Call (414) 475-0588 to make an appointment with your West Allis family dentist and inquire about our restorative dental services.

What is a dental crown and how does it work?

A dental crown, sometimes known as a “cap,” is a tooth restoration that covers the entire visible surface of a broken tooth or attaches to a dental bridge or implant. Dental crowns, which are commonly used to reconstruct a tooth following root canal surgery, provide strength to a broken tooth while still seeming natural and healthy. They efficiently replace one or more missing teeth when used in conjunction with a dental implant or bridge for a grin that looks and feels natural.

Advantages of Dental Crown

Dental crowns, unlike dental fillings, cover the entire damaged tooth and can even be used to replace a missing tooth with an implant or bridge. A dental crown has the following advantages for individuals who have substantial evidence of tooth decay, damage, or have had a dental injury:

  • Seals and enhances the appearance of a discolored or badly shaped tooth when a large dental filling is insufficient
  • Can be used to restore a tooth following root canal therapy
  • Repairs a cracked, shattered, or chipped tooth
  • Can be used to cover a dental implant or attach to a bridge

Your Dental Crown Consultation

During your appointment, an impression of your teeth will be taken to act as a mold for your ideal crown. You can debate the optimum shape, color, and size of the new crown based on this mold, which can be altered to fit your tastes. A temporary crown may be used while the new crown is being manufactured if you have had a root canal or have dental decay or injury. After polishing and adjusting the permanent dental crown, it is carefully put in the mouth to look and feel like your natural healthy teeth.

Dental Crowns – West Allis

Dental crowns are a frequent way to repair smiles and replace missing teeth for smiles that need a little help getting back on track. Call (414) 475-0588 to arrange an appointment if you have any questions regarding restorative dentistry at All Kind Smiles or would want to learn more about your dental treatment choices. We look forward to using gentle dentistry to help each of our patients improve their quality of life.