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How can I get straighter teeth?

“My teeth aren’t straight, and they look bad” a friend of mine once said, and I kept thinking of what the teeth normally should look like. Should they become 100% straight or mild tilting is normal and that’s what gives the teeth their natural lovely appearance? Let’s learn together!

To an extent, tilted teeth are normal and don’t cause you any harm whether functionally or aesthetically, but for many people, the degree of their teeth tilting or displacement is very high, causing many problems.

But first, why does this happen from the start?

It may be due to:

  1. Jaw size or shape.
  2. Teeth crowding due to supernumerary teeth.
  3. Bite problems such as overbite or underbite.
  4. Poor oral hygiene: not brushing your teeth make them and your gums vulnerable to inflammation and periodontitis, which can easily loosen and shift the teeth.
  5. Bad habits such as tongue thrusting: when you swallow, your tongue should normally be pushed against the roof of the mouth, but if it’s pressed against the teeth instead, then misalignment occurs.
  6. Thumb sucking in your childhood is a common reason for that problem.
  7. Trauma from sports or accidents is also a valid cause of misalignment.

What are the results of having my teeth misaligned?

Tilted or displaced teeth usually harbor more bacteria which exposes your teeth to a greater risk of caries and periodontal problems, moreover, it puts the TMJ under more stress and strain, and finally, your teeth may be more easily fractured or cracked.

How can I fix my teeth and make them straight?

Ortho treatment: This is the first and best option we have for misaligned teeth, as they are minimally invasive and cause only minimal discomfort. They have many types and that’s according to the case and the amount of misalignment present:

  • Braces: that is traditional wires, brackets, and bands, they are a very popular choice as they do their job in the best way, but also it has some disadvantages as it’s not aesthetic and also makes oral hygiene harder to maintain.
  • Retainers: Normally, a retainer is used after braces removal to maintain the results, but if misalignment is small, then a retainer may do the job.
  • Clear aligners: They are an alternative to braces, more esthetic ones as they are transparent, they are custom-made, and change your teeth position to a specific degree during a certain interval of time.
  • Lingual braces: It’s a new type, that’s placed on the lingual aspect of the teeth, so its advantage is being completely invisible, but also it’s more expensive and requires more oral hygiene measures to stay clean.

Fixed or removable prosthodontics: Sometimes the patient doesn’t want to undergo ortho treatment, so the only option will be placing a fixed appliance as a veneer or a crown or even a removable one as a temporary solution for an important event, for example.

Having crooked teeth may be annoying both functionally and aesthetically, but what is most important is to stay confident no matter what, for some people, their crooked teeth are what make them special.

Change your teeth’ appearance and align them for your health and well-being, not for what other people think. Our team at All Kind Smiles can help you with getting your teeth straighter. Give us a call at 414-475-0588 and we can get a consultation started with Dr. Pogodzinski or Dr. Blanco right away.