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Your Complete Guide to Flossing Your Back Teeth

When you brush your teeth without flossing, you are only doing half of the job! Brushing is a fantastic technique to get rid of plaque, tartar, food particles, and oral bacteria, but it won’t get your mouth totally clean.

This is so that debris that cannot be removed by simple brushing can be removed.

Plaque and bacteria cannot be removed from the spaces between your gums and teeth other than by flossing. For many individuals, especially when it comes to flossing your back teeth, this is frequently a struggle. Here are some pointers from the All Kind Smiles staff that will help make flossing your molars a little less difficult:

Start With The Proper Length Of Dental Floss And Good Technique

For cleaning your back teeth, using the proper flossing technique is essential. You should take out 18 to 24 inches of dental floss from your container to floss. Next, encircle the ends with your middle and index fingers.

To remove debris and clean the surface of the tooth, “saw” the floss between each of your teeth.

Use A Longer Piece Of Floss To Reach Your Back Teeth 

Use a slightly longer length of floss when you’re ready to move on to your back teeth. You can utilize the larger length of floss for greater maneuverability if you unwind it a little bit from your fingers.

Consider A Floss Pick If You’re Having Trouble With Your Rear Teeth 

A floss pick may be an effective substitute for regular floss if you have trouble flossing your back teeth due to problems with manual dexterity or a strong gag reflex.

If you struggle with appropriate flossing technique, floss picks are a good alternative because they have been shown to be almost as efficient as traditional floss at protecting the health of your gums. Floss picks have a hard, plastic head with a piece of floss strung between its two tips.

A Water Flosser May Also Be A Good Option 

Plaque removal from the teeth with water flossers, like the well-known WaterPik, has been demonstrated to be quite successful. A water flosser can be an excellent choice for you if you have trouble using regular dental floss or a floss pick to clean between your back teeth.

Flossing Is Better Than Not Flossing, No Matter How You Do It! 

The most crucial thing to remember is to floss frequently using your preferred product, whether it be ordinary dental floss, floss picks, or even a water flosser like the WaterPik. The best technique to maintain good dental hygiene is to floss frequently and brush thoroughly.

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